I’ve been very busy doing really cool stuff – putting together this website, working on videos (including my first Frank Zappa cover), changes on my YouTube channel, and I’ve been working with a couple of well-known prog drummers and may be starting up a new project soon with a great guitarist/multi-instrumentalist. I have to shoot a quick promo video this week, and get some bass tracks sent off to a guy in Nashville who needs some help.

I am hoping to get the tracks done this month and the promo package finished up, in addition to making new videos for UK’s “In the Dead of Night,” Yes’ “Machine Messiah,” and maybe a Porcupine Tree cover like “Lazarus” played on fretless.

All the while I’ve discovered Plini, Simon Grove and other amazing bands like Periphery, etc. I am going to see Plini at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on April 7 of this year, which is awesome.

Plini’s music has really turned me on to the Darkglass Alpha and Omega pedal, and Darkglass sound in particular. I am looking to pick up one of these beauties soon (the $400 used price tag is a bit much), but the tone is so amazing it’s worth it.

I’m looking at making a major purchase next year, either a new bass (I can’t find one I really am gaga over except the Modulus Q6 – I wish Strandberg made a Boden model 6 string bass!)

Strandberg Boden Prog 5 bass… why no 6? WHY?

I am also thinking about changing out the preamp in one of my RBXJM2’s to a Darkglass Tone Capsule and maybe a refinish – a very light blue RBXJM2 with a Darkglass pre would be amazing.