So after much deliberation I’ve settled on trying a Darkglass B7K Ultra v2 and a Hyper Luminal compressor, added to the clean channel on my board. If I really like it, I may expand my AB/Y to an ABC/Y and give the Darkglass stuff it’s own channel (one channel for clean, one for TC, one for Darkglass, and one open… maybe something crazy), I’m not sure.

As it is, these two pedals will sound AWESOME together. I’m also going to be changing out the preamp in one of my RBXJM2’s with help from The Music Gallery, dropping in a Darkglass Tone Capsule pre. Can’t wait to hear that!

Yes, there is a John Myung Signature Bongo 6 in the works for those of us who need narrower string spacing than a Bongo 6 offers (John plays modified Bongo 6’s with 5 string necks and six string hardware to accomplish that, as he doesn’t fins a Bongo 6 out of the box very comfortable, either. I thought about asking Ernie Ball to make me a Bongo 6 that I could play, but I ran out of money before I finished the email).

Cant wait.