As part of Project Alcazar, I recently was sent the recordings of Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Chroma Key, and his current band, Warlord) for a song we have been working on, soon to be released.

These drum tracks are awesome. Knock your teeth out.

It’s so good to play with a drummer of his caliber. Every part is perfectly played, if he accents a particular beat in a measure, if that measure gets repeated anywhere that same accent on that same drum or cymbal is right there everytime. Consistent, like a machine. Such fun to play with!

The project leader, guitarist/songwriter Chris Selbert, has been working with me since January-ish on Project Alcazar, along with drummers like Mark Zonder (there is another astonishing drummer but I am not going to mention him yet until I’ve actually got recordings underway with him, which will hopefully be soon for reasons I’ll give in a moment).

I’ve had bass tracks recorded for about a month, but Mark had yet to lay down the final drum tracks until very recently. A copy was sent to me for me to listen to, see what existing stuff worked, what didn’t and what needed to change and to write the new bass parts.

One of the great things about working with Chris is that I have incredible freedom to write my own bass parts. If there’s something he wants a certain way I am more than happy to play it to the best of my abilities, but 98% of the time I get to write all the bass lines. Yay me!

I double-clicked the icon and WOW.


These tracks sound great. Mark Zonder ( is an INCREDIBLE drummer. He is completely consistent and creative, a real blast to jam on. So I spent time today recomposing the bass tracks, and re-recording the new ones and got about 95% done with everything except mixing them and sending them to Chris for his opinion.

But wow. I have to admit, these new bass/drum tracks with Mark Zonder are amazing. Tight, punchy, heavy when it wants and insanely fast at will. After listening to it again just now I’m really excited about how good it sounds – I can’t wait to hear the finished product!

So who will I be recording with next? i think I know – he’s an incredible drummer with direct Dream Theater ties and I’ve already begun working on the rough draft bass tracks of the brand new song I think we are going to work on together. I’ll have to check for more details with Chris as things pan out, but this initial song, the one I worked on today, is awesome.

Stay tuned. Good prog metal stuff to come!