This week has seen a return of Project Alcazar and my work on a new tune. I sent the basic tracks off this afternoon and Chris really liked them, so now I’ve got the basic ideas together and will develop them.

The tracks for the last tune sound awesome – I can’t wait til they’re released. This new song will feature Mark Zonder on drums as well, and I’m looking forward to putting my bass to his kit.

I’ve kinda shifted away from interest in the Roland GR-55 synth (largely due to price… yeee-ouch!) to something far more economical and potentially better sounding.

I’m commandeering one of our daughters unused iPad 4’s to set up Garageband and some plugins and see of an iPad, a bluetooth footswitch and a USB interface can replace my pedalboard completely – and add synthesized sampled basses and amp modeling on top of it (there is a dedicated Rickenbacker 4003 bass sampled software with amp modeling for $99 – a Rick for $99 with the samples approved by Rickenbacker).

Can it replace the pedalboard and bring me the stuff a synth bass will offer? And then some?

Yes. Oh yes.