ON Sunday November 24 I posted my latest cover, Rush’s “La Villa Strangiato,” featuring a ripped off Billy Sheehan solo (from “Prime Cuts”), and a lot of fun overplaying. I’m beginning to feel like the funk is starting to clear, and I’m looking forward to adding some new gear very soon (more on that after I get it).

I still have ZERO band opportunities. I jammed with a drummer who thought he could learn “Dance of Eternity” and “Paradigm Shift” in three weeks, but, as I thought, it didn’t work out. It didn’t help that he had not practiced on his kit in about a year, but was using practice pads in his apartment. This can be fine – but at some point, you need to get behind your kit and play. Besides, he had a jazz touch, which sucks in prog metal. Jazz drummers play prog metal as if they are apologizing every time they hit the skins. Prog metal is something to be overpowered AND overplayed, it’s not for the faint of heart, or those who play like the skins are made of tissue.

So that didn’t work out.

I reached out to a local guitarist who posted some good videos, and he covered “Limelight” and a Dream Theater song, and we talked a bit but…. crickets.

I don’t think the musicians exist in Chicago who can and want (that’s the rub – ability AND desire) to play this stuff, so I’m not sure what to do except to keep recording, making videos, and beating my head against the wall.

I feel a bit of relief from the funk with my latest video and the prospect of new gear, so I’m using whatever I can to keep my head above water and stay motivated. If a bass guitar lands in the forest, does it make any sound?