After 3 and a half years of looking, I’m finally in a NEW BAND!

Against my fabled predictions, I actually have joined a new start up prog band!!!

I got a call from a keyboardist who saw my CL ad, and contacted me about a new band he was helping to start up. They had a drummer who wanted to be in a Dream Theater tribute, a fantastic guitarist, and they needed a bass player.

Well, “HELLO SAILOR!!!!”

So we got together at the drummer’s house and worked out a songfest we are going to practice on January 27, and we are auditioning singers starting in mid-February (there are 3 or 4 we are considering at this point).

From what I’ve heard on their Youtube channels, they are the best musicians I have ever played with.

I am ecstatic! So I’ve got to learn these songs (3 are for auditioning the vocalist, and the other 3 are for helping us get acquainted in a band/rehearsal context.)

We don’t have a name yet, but I am really stoked to get the whole thing going and can’t wait for our first rehearsal – I finally get to move some gear out of the house!!!

“Mamma I’m so happy, I’m gonna join the band!”

More to follow soon!

Published by Ron Tavalin - Progressive Rock - Progressive Metal Bassist

Hello! I'm Ron Tavalin, a Chicago-based progressive rock/metal bassist and this is my low-end den. Here you'll find music videos, bass guitar information, technique, and whatever else.

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