About mid-March I told my employer that I would have to work from home for the week as the kids were sent home by the school district because of COVID-19. It’s been almost 3 solid months of isolation. This is my first pandemic you know, so I’d figured I’d lay low and keep everyone masked and six feet apart.

Fortunately, no one around me has had any Coronavirus symptoms, but I have received a bit of health scare news in the past month. A good friend of mine that tI’ve known all mu life has cancer requiring surgery, and my mother had a heart attack at the end of April. These two events kinda of set me back a bit, while my mom is OK my fingers are crossed for my friend.

I’ve been going over band stuff to keep in shape, and as I’ve done it I’ve been playing my Carvin fretless more and more. Soon I went back to my fretted basses and they felt clunky, slow and clanky.

I don’t know if I will ever buy another fretted bass again… I think I’m going fretless.