Here I sit with my purple leg cast, having just finished recording the video for my bass cover of UK’s “The Only Thing She Needs.” The app “Handbrake” is busy in the background crunching my video down to 29.97 NTSC and constant framerate so iMovie can work with it, listening to FROST* new EP “Others.” Fantastic music – I am a big FROST* fan and contemplating adding a redo of their song “Toys,” which was on my channel before I yanked it over quality concerns.

I have redone Frost* “Toys,” but UK’s tune os then getting all the attention now.

UK, to me, ended like Fawlty Towers – there was a lot more magic left in the bottle for them to pull the plug so quickly. With Alan and Bill being the “artists” while John and Eddie were the “craftsman” (as John said later), Alan and Bill wanted to go into more fusion type stuff, more improvisational experimental work -while John and Eddie were more rock n’ roll types who wanted to stay more on the rock side of things.

So Alan and Bill left, having already begin working on “Danger Money,” and Terry Bozzio joined for two UK recordings, one studio and one live.

By then Asia was on the horizon, a “supergroup” I remember hearing them called at the time, and while Asia already had a keyboardist (former Buggle and Yes man, Geoffrey Downes) John left to join them on Vox and bass. Terry Bozzio went on to start his own band “Missing Persons” with his wife, Bill did fusion stuff, some King Crimson, and Alan did his own thing. That leaves Eddie Jobson.

Eddie Jobson is criminally underrated. He is a genius composer, with dark and moody music, interesting choreography changes, time changes and dynamics, he wrote nearly ALL of UK’s music. He is the BEST violinist in rock, his solos (“Caesar Palace Blues” for instance, are insane. He belongs with Wakeman, Rudess, and even Emerson as a keyboard virtuoso. How he has flown under the radar all these decades is beyond me.
Eddie Jobson is one musician I would be intimidated to work with, he’s just so good.

Here’s a link to a transitional UK – Alan, Bill, John and Eddie, in between the first album and “Danger Money” from a concert in Cleveland Ohio. It is a fantastic and odd at times recording, with guitar in places I’m not to hearing, better bass work that on their studio albums, and Bill Bruford’s take on “The Only Thing She Needs”:

Click the play button and enjoy!

Peace out, low enders and our friends.