Has it been that long already?

Resuming PROG BASS fun!

I had stopped doing ANYTHING bass-wise for almost 6 months, except sparsely practicing. I had gathered my gear at the end of October from the drummer’s place and have done little since.

I think my fall funk was due largely to quitting the band and picking up my gear because they weren’t really a “prog band,” or at least the “prog band” I was hoping it would be. After 3 years of looking, this was it. Depressed yet?

So this has been a BLAH winter… Until now.

I am working on the next cover song (by request) and some ‘down the road’ projects. as well as getting some new gear in the near future… 🙂

Published by Ron Tavalin - Progressive Rock - Progressive Metal Bassist

Hello! I'm Ron Tavalin, a Chicago-based progressive rock/metal bassist and this is my low-end den. Here you'll find music videos, bass guitar information, technique, and whatever else.

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