It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated the old bass blog – a few very productive weeks. There are rumors of me joining a Dixie Dregs tribute band, which would be a dream come true, I have completed recording my first bass cover video since the end of October 2022 – almost 18 months – and have plans to push out another 4 alongside it and have 2 more underway.

I recorded a video this morning, a bass cover of Porcupine Tree’s classic song, “Halo, ” as performed live at Tilburg in the Netherlands. BTW, Porcupine Tree are visiting Chicago in September of 2022 and I plan in getting tickets!

I am very excited about the PT “Halo” bass cover video I’ve done and I will be doing some new things (to me in it), including multiple camera angles with filters, some extra flourishes here and there to keep it fun, and a great deep end make this video a first of its kind and I’m excited to be working on it!

Practices have been good lately… more to come!