Clawing my way back!

ON Sunday November 24 I posted my latest cover, Rush’s “La Villa Strangiato,” featuring a ripped off Billy Sheehan solo (from “Prime Cuts”), and a lot of fun overplaying. I’m beginning to feel like the funk is starting to clear, and I’m looking forward to adding some new gear very soon (more on that afterContinue reading “Clawing my way back!”

OK – the Big Funk is bigger than I thought

Well, so much for surfacing LOL. My last post was as optimistic as I am ever going to get, and this is why: the funk is bigger than I thought. I’ve dropped out of working with Jim because what I really want is to be in an outrageously good band, playing insane music. Plus IContinue reading “OK – the Big Funk is bigger than I thought”

Coming out of The Big Funk

Well it’s been a few weeks since I’ve made any posts or updates here as I’ve been lost, marooned in The Big Funk for a few weeks. I’ve felt rather uninspired (lazy) lately, and TBH it is difficult for me to stay motivated when I’m not in a band, with a regular practice schedule, songsContinue reading “Coming out of The Big Funk”

gem.n.i part iii

Well, it finally happened. Today there was no blizzard. No National Holiday. No Extinction Level 5 Event. No family or work demands. El NiƱo said it was copasetic this once. Consequently, I got together with Jim to hang out, jam and reignite gem.n.i. I had a terrific time. We worked on some things he hasContinue reading “gem.n.i part iii”

Long Time (sorta) No See (sorta)

I’ve been rather quiet on here lately; I haven’t updated any videos or anything like that and haven’t made any new ones. I have been busy in the background working on Yes’ “Machine Messiah,” and I’ve taken the Darkglass plunge with their awesome Darkglass plugins from NeuralDSP. I hope to finish up “Machine Messiah” thisContinue reading “Long Time (sorta) No See (sorta)”

More Project Alcazar stuff

This week has seen a return of Project Alcazar and my work on a new tune. I sent the basic tracks off this afternoon and Chris really liked them, so now I’ve got the basic ideas together and will develop them. The tracks for the last tune sound awesome – I can’t wait til they’reContinue reading “More Project Alcazar stuff”

Mark Zonder and Me

As part of Project Alcazar, I recently was sent the recordings of Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Chroma Key, and his current band, Warlord) for a song we have been working on, soon to be released. These drum tracks are awesome. Knock your teeth out. It’s so good to play with a drummer of his caliber.Continue reading “Mark Zonder and Me”

Project Alcazar’s “Lost in Centralia” has been released!

A few weeks ago, a guitarist named Chris Sterbel contacted me about playing some tracks on an album he was doing – with ex-Fates Warning and Chroma Key drummer Mark Zonder. I jumped at the chance and the album, with a track from me, was released today! I am already working on another track withContinue reading “Project Alcazar’s “Lost in Centralia” has been released!”

Paradigm Shift, and did I miss Dream Theater?

Today I recorded “Paradigm Shift” for my Youtube channel and I’m really happy with how it turned out. There are two more LTW songs I want to cover before I’m finished, but I’m enjoying doing some other stuff for a change. I’ve lately come under the spell of the Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer and howContinue reading “Paradigm Shift, and did I miss Dream Theater?”

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