More Darkglass Madness and a John Myung Signature Bongo 6!

So after much deliberation I’ve settled on trying a Darkglass B7K Ultra v2 and a Hyper Luminal compressor, added to the clean channel on my board. If I really like it, I may expand my AB/Y to an ABC/Y and give the Darkglass stuff it’s own channel (one channel for clean, one for TC, oneContinue reading “More Darkglass Madness and a John Myung Signature Bongo 6!”

A Very Productive Weekend!

I got so much done this weekend I took today off from everything except laying around and putting on weight. Mission Accomplished! I pulled “Universal Mind” from the Youtube channel Wednesday evening as I didn’t like the tone AT ALL. So I remixed it and re-uploaded it Friday night and wow – what an improvement.Continue reading “A Very Productive Weekend!”

Something’s cookin’ up…

I’ve been very busy doing really cool stuff – putting together this website, working on videos (including my first Frank Zappa cover), changes on my YouTube channel, and I’ve been working with a couple of well-known prog drummers and may be starting up a new project soon with a great guitarist/multi-instrumentalist. I have to shootContinue reading “Something’s cookin’ up…”

Website Birthday!

I have been reluctantly dragged into the world of the web as a means of reaching an audience and potential bandmates/recording opportunities. I was posting videos on Youtube and linking them to my Facebook page as well as, but thought I needed a real web presence and some place to easily update my materialContinue reading “Website Birthday!”

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