I had heard of Porcupine Tree about a decade ago and got hooked on the song “Blackest Eyes” and then the entire catalog. Porcupine Tree are one of my favorite bands to listen to (it’s the inverse of Dream Theater – fun to listen to and not as much fun to play… I think Colin Edwin’s bass is HORRIBLY underused, there is so much potential music just pissed away by Porcupine Tree it infuriates me!) So I juice up Porcupine Tree and SW/Blackfield songs to express the bass lines and notes in my head that should be there but aren’t (I don’t know if that’s Colin’s decision or Steven’s or both, but even in his solo work the bass is always underused. There is so much that could be done, so many melodies and moods.)

Anyhow, enough complaining. I love this band and Steven Wilson – so here are some covers starting with “Fear of a Blank Planet.” This album is typically very dark in true SW fashion, and this rather savage piece sets the tone and mood of the whole incredible album.

This next song is a departure from the usual insane, loud stuff I like to do – it is a lovely song written by Aviv Geffen and performed by Blackfield, featuring SW on vocals. This is my first video using my fretless bass, and it’s just a really great song.

I began playing bass guitar in 1978 based almost entirely on copying what Geddy was doing. The first thing I learned was the Overture to 2112, and I have been playing Rush ever since. Here is my cover of their song “The Trees,” and I will be posting more Rush shortly!

Here is my bass cover of Rush’s “La Villa Strangiato.” I stole a Billy Sheehan bass solo from his cover of the same song (“Prime Cuts,” with Steve Morse and Mike Portnoy), and there’s plenty of note articulation, very very few pull offs, and lots of overplaying (especially near the end).

I used to play this as a teenager, and in my last band so it wasn’t a huge learning curve.

Here is my bass cover of Porcupine Tree’s “Anesthetize – Live from Tilburg, the Netherlands.” A great song with a terrific arrangement, this was so much fun to play and put together that I’m glad it was 17 minutes long.

I created new intros and outros for this video and credits to match the new website look. I hope you enjoy it and give a listen to the whole thing – the official Porcupine Tree video of the song is embedded because there are long stretches with no bass and I didn’t want to just sit there with nothing to do (poor viewers!) so I thought the vid would be far more interesting than just a still graphic.